A valuation is an informed opinion based on knowledge gained through training and experience supported when necessary, by use of technical equipment such as refractometers, spectroscopes and microscopes. A valuation cannot be hurried, it takes time for the valuer to examine the items and prepare a written appraisal.


Jewellery often needs to be repaired. We use a wide circle of highly trained professionals who collectively have the experience and talent to repair most items of jewellery.


If you have an idea for your perfect piece of jewellery, we will do our best to bring your wishes to fruition.  As gemmologists we pride ourselves on being able to supply the most stunning gemstones.

Selling your jewellery

We are happy to consider most jewellery you may wish to part exchange or sell. We are usually able to look at items as soon as they are brought in, therefore there is no need to make an appointment. If we are unable to look at the pieces at the time of the visit, then we can issue a receipt and contact you with an offer once the piece has been assessed, with all offers honoured by immediate payment.