During the COVID19  PANDEMIC, repairs may take longer to be processed than usual.
Watch battery replacement will have to be left with us for a minimum of one day to allow for the backlog and longer time it takes to replace a battery due to hygiene requirements.

We use a wide circle of highly trained professionals who collectively have the experience and talent to repair most items of jewellery. All estimates are obligation free. Below are a small selection of repairs we regularly undertake:

The above prices reflect typical costs to the customer.  Not all services are identical as such additional complications from specific cases may mean the cost of repair can be significantly higher.

Terms correct as of 30th April 2019

Ring Alteration: Mode: £35.00
Range: £25.00 to £150.00

Chain Repairs : Mode: £12.50
Range: £12.50 to £150.00

Setting Repair
Range: £75.00 to £500.00

Watch Service: Mode: £150.00
Range: £90.00 to £180.00

Watch Part (glass etc) Mode: £60.00
Range: £25.00 to £180.00

Range: £115.00 to £1000.00+