Studleys Jewellers use a wide circle of highly trained professionals who collectively have the experience and talent to repair most items of jewellery. All estimates are obligation free. Below are a small selection of repairs we regularly undertake:

These prices ranges reflect costs typically observed for simple straightforward repairs and modifications. Not all repairs are identical and additional complications from specific cases may mean the actual cost of repair is significantly higher than those shown here. A full estimate can always be provided usually at no cost and there is no obligation to have any repair work completed if an estimate is requested. All repairs are subject to our terms and conditions.

Ring sizing
9ct gold – usually from £30.00 to £90.00
18ct gold – usually from £40.00 to £150.00
Platinum – usually from £45.00 to POA

Chain repairs
Silver – usually from £12.00 to £15.00
9ct gold – usually from £15.00 to £30.00
18ct yellow – usually from £35.00 to £60.00

Solder charms
One silver charm £12.00
Five silver charms £30.00
One 9ct charm £15.00
Five 9ct charms £40.00

 Claw Work
Supply 9ct gold claw from £15.00 per claw
Supply 18ct gold claw from £20.00 per claw
Supply one platinum claw from £50.00 per claw
These prices apply per setting or stone and include re-setting the stone. There is a minimum charge for claw work of £30.00.

Under gallery
Split repair from £30.00
Supply one bar from £40.00
Complete under-setting restoration usually from £300.00

Ring shank
Split repair from £30.00
Reshape and anneal from £30
9ct re-shank from £200.00 – £250.00
18ct re-shank from £400.00-£500.00

Polish and finishing
Shop polish and clean from £10.00
Workshop polish and clean from£20.00
Rhodium finishing from£35.00
Stone Polishing from £120.00
White gold owes its lustrous appearance to the rhodium finish. All white gold jewellery will wear, no matter how infrequently or carefully it is worn. The wear may be noticeable in as little as three months, and white gold jewellery will benefit from being rhodium finished annually.
Stones supplied and set                      £POA

Cultured and Freshwater Pearls Restring
Single row from £40.00
Double row from £60.00
Triple row from £130.00
Rope, over 22” to 40” from £50.00
Rope, over 40” – £POA
Single bracelet row from £25.00
Double bracelet row from £50.00
Triple bracelet row £75.00
Pearl necklace rethreads are guaranteed for six months upon the date at which it is ready for collection. It is recommended that pearls necklaces that are regularly worn should be restrung annually, as it maintains the security and integrity of the pearls.

Watch Repairs Category One:
Mechanical or quartz watches retailing up to the value of £100
Full service or movement exchange from £60

Watch Repairs Category Two:
Mechanical or quartz watches retailing up to the value of £300
Full service or movement exchange from £90

Watch Repairs Category Three:
Pocket Watches, automatic, mechanical, or quartz watches retailing up to the value of £300
Full service or movement exchange from £120

Watch Repairs Category Four:
Any watches that does not fall into category 1, 2, or 3 including: Omega, Rolex, Tissot, Longines, Ebel, Breitling, Oris, Cartier, TAG Heur, Tudor, and, Zenith, £P.O.A.

Watch Part Jobs
Battery only from £20.00
Stem/ Crow from £40.00
Flat mineral glass from £40.00
Domed plastic glass from £40.00
Clasp rivets from £30.00
Bracelet and case repair from £120.00
When a watch is sent for a part job and it is found to require more work than originally requested, an estimate will be forwarded before any work is carried out.

Machine Engraving
All Edwin Blyde sold by us can be engraved, and depending upon availability can be delivered in five working days.
All machine engraving costs from £1.00 per letter, with a minimum cost of £10.00.

Hand Engraving Intaglio (Seal) Signet Rings
Simple Crest from £300.00
Crest and Moto from £420.00
Full Arms from £600.00

Hand Engraving Signet Rings & Cufflinks
Surface from £300.00
Monograms and ciphers from £135.00 per letter
Initials from £10.00 per letter
Diagonal, joined and shaded from £15.00

Hand Engraving Napkin Rings, Bangles Etc.
From £30.00 per ten letters
Facsimile reproductions per name £45.00

Hand Engraving Inside Rings/ Bangles/ Bracelets
Script from £4.50 per letter
Block from £5.25 per letter
Initials from £10.00 per letter
Shaded from £13.50 per letter
There is a minimum job cost of £24.00 for all hand engraving jobs.